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2012-04-29 15:51:27

There's a reason to smile for the toothless. Dental implantology, the new discipline in dentistry, has reached Dubai. The first Oral Implantology Research Institute in the Middle East since the year 2000. Perhaps its' time to kiss your dentures goodbye.

Dental implant is the solution for all removable dentures which produces lack of confidence in those who use them. What it does is simply offer a promise of permanent restoration of missing teeth, good as new. Technically, dental implantology is the process of embedding specially manufactured titanium implants directly into the bone of the jaw to support replacement teeth wherein a prosthetic crown will later be added. Meanwhile, the newly founded Implant Dentistry- Study Consortium (ID-SC) is the prime mover in encouraging dental implantology in Dubai. The consortium has opened a research institute in Knowledge Village, Dubai and started serving the public needs since March 2000 for its Continuing Education programs for participants from across the Middle East region; since then these courses are continuing until today in systematic manner.

I believe that dental implantology is the new era in the field of dentistry, said Dr. Souheil Hussaini, the President of the ID-SC and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Consortium.

If you have one or more teeth missing, and would like to replace them with a permanent solution enroll now.

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