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The Implant Dentistry- Study Consortium (ID-SC) was founded on December 8, 2000 in Dubai UAE.  Dr. Souheil Hussaini, a USA-trained prosthodontist had recognized the need for a comprehensive program to train local dentists intensively in Implant Dentistry.  A group of local prominent dentists and health officials launched the program in his private office in the Bani-Yas tower in Dubai, UAE.  The first group completed the program in December, 2004.  The UAE ministry of Health has now approved an acceleration of the program such that it will be completed in one year’s time.  A second group has been enrolled and completed in December, 2005.  Followed by a third group that completed on April 2006 and a forth group that will complete in December, 2007 consecutively followed by another group every year after.


Implant dentistry is now recognized as an important modality in oral health care.  Nevertheless, the majority of dentists have received little or no training in this discipline.  The dental schools have been leisurely to incorporate training in implant dentistry in their curricula.  Because implant dentistry is a multidisciplinary treatment, some practitioners find it difficult to master the techniques without formal training.  Unfortunately there are very few intensive clinical training programs available and that is certainly true in the Middle East countries.  The ID-SC has been developed to fulfill a specific need.  That is to provide current practitioners in the Middle East, without implantology training, an opportunity to develop the knowledge base and skills necessary for the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants.


It is anticipated that the ID-SC will produce a cadre of trained dentists to further raise the clinical standards for oral care in the UAE and surrounding countries.  Furthermore, both the ID-SC organization and its graduates can also have a beneficial effect upon the dental schools in the region by providing a source of trained faculty for didactic and clinical instruction.

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