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2012-04-29 15:59:20

Patients Testimonies

Hi My name is Wosim

I have lost my Upper tooth (no. 26) because I did not take care of it. I knew once I remove it, its gone forever.

I met Dr. Souhiel one day and he explained to me that my tooth can be restored with the new implant technology.

I gave it a try it didn't pain at all. Although I knew that once the tooth is going to be implanted into my bones its going to pain. However I have had the implant with no pain at all, and now thanks to doctor Souhail I can use my tooth again just like I was born with it. No one can tell this is implanted.


My name is Suha.

I had my implant in march in my lower teeth.

I use to have problem eating sandwiches and things that I hade to bite to swallow.
I had my implant. Amazingly with Zero pain during the implant. my mouth was swollen a little bit after that for an hour.

But that's all now thanks to IDSC am back to eating sandwiches like a teenager with lovely sharp teeth.


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