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 Visit our web conference room to discuss topics and articles of interest in implant dentistry. This WebConference room is for Doctors concerning dental implants.
WebConference offers a forum for the professional exchange of knowledge and skills and discussion some articles,  This Interactive WebConference will be taking place according to the following schedule: Your contributions will enrich our WebConference.

  Level Date Articles
1- LEVEL 1  



1-Clinical Evaluation of Laser Microtexturing
for Soft Tissue and Bone Attachment to
Dental Implants.

2-Implant Success, Survival, and Failure:
The International Congress of Oral
Implantologists (ICOI) Pisa
Consensus Conference

3-Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Dental
Implantology in Nigeria

4-Medical Contraindications to Implant
Therapy: Part I: Absolute Contraindications

5-Rehabilitation of Maxillary Edentulism With
Implant-Supported Milled-Bar Prostheses

6-Cardinal Rules of Implant Case Presentation

7-A Retrospective analysis of patient referred for implant placement to a specialty clinic:indication,Surgical procedures and early failures

8-Surface characteristics of electrochemically oxidized implant and acid etched implants

9-Implant Case accuracy as function of impression technique and impression material viscosity

10-The effect of titanium surface roughening on protein absorption, cell attachment and cell spreading

11-Abutment Screw loosening in single-implant restoration

12-Clinical outcome and patient satisfaction following full-flap elevation for early and delayed placement of single-tooth implants

13-Supra-and Subgingival Biofilm formation on implant abutment with different surface characteristics.

14-Width of keratinized gingiva and the health status of the supporting tissues around dental implant

15-Biomaterials and Biomechanics of Oral and
Maxillofacial Implants: Current Status and
Future Developments

16-Implant Prosthodontics: Current Perspective
and Future Directions

17- Load fatigue performance of four implant-abutment interface designes

18-Accuracy of impression and Pouring techniques for an implant-supported prosthesis

19-Biological Space adaptation to implant Dimensions.

20-Biomechanical Comparison of different surface modifications for dental implants

21-Current Status of Dental Implants:
A Periodontal Perspective






August 1-The Use of 3 different imaging methods for the localization of the mandibular canal in dental implant planning

2-Fixed Partial Dentures and crowns supported by very small diameter dental implants.

3-Implants for Single First Molar
Replacement: Important Treatment

4-Alveolar ridge preservation prior to implant placement with surgical grade calcium sulfate

5-Immediate loading of implant with 3 unit fixed partial dentures

6-Risk Management when Operating in the
Posterior Mandible





December 1-Immediate Placement and Provisionalization of
Maxillary Anterior Single Implants:
1-Year Prospective Study

2-Prosthetic Management of implants in the esthetic Zone

3-Consensus Statements and Recommended Clinical Procedures Regarding Esthetics in Implant Dentistry

4-Cement-retained versus screw-retained implant restorations: Achieving optimal
occlusion and esthetics in implant dentistry.

5- Optimizing Esthetics for implant restorations in anterior Maxilla: Anatomic and surgical considerations

6-Single-Tooth Replacement in Anterior Maxilla By Mean of Immediate Implantation and Provisionalization Review

7-Immediate Nonfunctional Loading of Single-Tooth Implants in the Anterior Maxilla Following Augmentation with Freeze-Dried Cancellous Block Allograft: A case Series

8-A Bovine-Bone Mineral Block for the treatment of server ridge Deficiencies in the anterior region: A clinical case Report

9-Ideal Implant Positioning in Anterior Maxillary Extraction Socket By creating an Apico-palatal Guiding slot: A Technical Note.

10-Multicenter Retrospective Study Of Cement-retained implant-supported Anterior Partial Prostheses: Success and Restoration





1- Load Transfer by an implant in a sinus-grafted Maxillary Model.


2-Implants in the posterior Maxilla: A comparative clinical and radiologic study.


3-Histologic Findings in sinus Augmentation with Autogenous Bone chips versus a Bovine Bone Substitute.


4-Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation:
Review of Anatomy and Two Techniques









1-Effect on the Amount of Bone-Implant Contact When Splinting immediate-loaded Dental Implant


2-Grafting of tooth extraction Socket with Inorganic Bovine Bone or Bioactive Glass particles: comparative Histometric Study in Rats.


3-Ridge expansion with acellular dermal matrix and deproteinized Bovine Bone: A case report


4-Early tissue response to modified implant surface using back scattered imaging


5-Histomorphometric analyses of Bone Interface with Titanium-Aluminum-Vanadium and Hydroxyapatite-coated Implants By Biomimetic Process


6-Hydroxyapatite-electroplated cp -Titanium implant and its Bone integration potentiality: an in Vivo Study


7-Microvessel Density  in Sinus Augmentation procedures using Anorganic Bovine Bone and Autologous Bone : 3 months results


8-Influence of length and diameter of implants Associated with Distal extension removable partial dentures


9-Piezoelectric distraction osteogenesis in the Atrophic Maxillary Anterior Area: A case report


6- Literature


7/12/2008 1-Immediate Placement and Provisionalization of Maxillary Anterior Single Implants:
1-Year Prospective Study

2-Consensus Statements and Recommended clinical procedures regarding esthetics in implant dentistry.

3-Cortical Tenting Grafting Technique in the Severely Atrophic Alveolar Ridge for Implant Site Preparation.

4-Immediate Loading of the Grafted Maxillary Sinus Using Platelet Rich Plasma and Autogenous Bone: A Preliminary Study With Histologic and Histomorphometric Analysis.

5-A Clinical Comparison of Prosthetic Complications of Implant-Supported Overdentures With Different Attachment Systems.

6-Injectable Bone Applied for Ridge Augmentation and Dental Implant Placement: Human Progress Study.

7-Peptide-15 Changes miRNA Expression in Osteoblast-Like Cells.

8- Literature



1-Bifid Mandibular Canal in Japanese

2-Multitier Technique for Bone Augmentation
Using Intraoral Autogenous Bone Blocks

3-Removable Partial Denture Design Involving
Teeth and Implants as an Alternative to
Unsuccessful Fixed Implant Therapy.

4- 2days needed

5-Apicoectomy of an Endosseous Implant to
Relieve Paresthesia: A Case Report


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