Executive Summary
2012-06-25 09:37:05

Executive Summary

The ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (OIRI) is an organization which offers Continuing Education on Dental Implants ,  held at Knowledge Village Dubai, UAE. The format of a didactic & clinical training which meets for four weeks, during a one year period. During this training, the participating doctors will place 8 implants and will expose to lectures conducted by international speakers and professors of various American Dental Schools, as well as, by Dr. Souheil Hussaini, who is a graduate and an appointed member, at distance, of the faculty of the New Jersey Dental School (UMDNJ).

The periodical publications from the Oral Implantology Research Institute will enhance the out come benefits for the participants to share it with the Dental community in the world to benefit from the research done. The Oral Implantology Research Institute is a non-denominational implant training, which exposes its students to different brands of implants, during its program. The philosophy of Oral Implantology Research Institute is that most implants are good, when used with sound knowledge, in the appropriate clinical circumstances. And, that it is up to the clinician to exert knowledge based judgment, and select the best implant for each particular patient case scenario.

Ultimately, the main purpose of Oral Implantology Research Institute is to work in bringing together leading health professionals with clinical, academic, and research expertise. All, with the objective of furthering the concept of “systematic self-learning protocols” in Implant Dentistry, a body of knowledge and a learning method, which is transferable, and could be used internationally by other teaching institutions, as part of their curriculum. Moreover, the Oral Implantology Research Institute exists for the exchange of ideas and information among multiple disciplines, and for fostering professional education to improve patient care. 

As part of Oral Implantology Research Institute training, the student doctors bring their patients for treatment planning, and actually do hands-on learning, by performing the surgical placement of their dental implants, as well as, the final prosthetic restoration of each patient. An Oral Implantology Research Institute student does a minimum of eight clinical implants himself/herself, in the course of one year. But, he/she is also present at the treatment planning, presentation and placement of eighty other implants - the other eight implants from each of the ten course participants, which are enrolled in the Oral Implantology Research Institute program, per year. The students, when not operating on their own patients, learn by watching via video-live surgery, the other implants placement of their fellow students, while they are doing their surgical cases. Each participating doctors will do 2 of each of the following duties during every module: 
1. Surgery: Placing the implant and restoring it. 
2. Assistant: Assisting the surgeon in all the performed procedures. 
3. Photographer: Taking clear photographs for publication and preparing 2 power point case presentations. 
4. Publisher: Writing up the case report in a standard of a publishable case report. 
5. 2nd Assistant: is un-scrubbed to provide necessary items during the procedures.

The graduation ceremony will usually have 25 participating guests, including dental doctors from different GCC, and UAE government official representatives from the MOH (Ministry of Health of Abu Dhabi), and the DOH (Department of Health of Dubai). The participating doctors are either graduating or, presently enrolled, on an on-going training program at the OIRI. 

At the previous gathering, the OIRI graduating students received their certificate from Temple University- department of periodontology and oral implantology, 3323 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA which is an American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognized Program provider (ADA CERP) 120 Credit Hours, after they successfully passed their examination and completed their requirements.

Below are the doctors enrolled in the ID-SC up until this date:
1. Dr.Salem Hasan AbuFanas
2. Dr.Sadiq Sahaf
3. Dr.Nabeel Safwat Al Nahass
4. Dr.Mandana Montaghian
5. Dr.Vinesh Gupta
6. Dr.Setareh Azharian
7. Dr.Sangram Singh
8. Dr.Ziyad Samir Haider DDS
9. Dr.Tareq I. Al Sayed ,DDS
10. Dr.James L. Dickson DDS
11. Dr.Iman Lorelina Salcedo-Abdelatty DMD
12. Dr.Abir Kaouthr DDS
13. Dr.Mark Patridge BDS
14. Dr.Rakan Baaj DDS
15. Dr.Sajeev Valsalan Asakanthara BDS, MDS
16. Dr.Yasamin Ali Morad Abdullahi DDS
17. Dr.Walleed Hattam Al-Azzawi BDS, MSc
18. Dr.Najlla Eid Bounin DDS
19. Dr.Shiby Thomas BDS
20  Dr.Sally Suheil Salah Issa BDS
21. Dr.Jaya Lakshmi BDS,MDS
22. Dr.Farshad Meshkati BDS,DDS,
23. Dr.Mohamed Anwer Janoudi DDS
24. Dr.Hamza Mohammad Khaleel Alnsour BDS, MFDS RCSIre
25. Dr.Naser Faisal Al Barbari BDS, MFDS RCSI
26. Dr.Hala Alsakka DDS
27. Dr.Feras Ahmed Alzir DDS
28. Dr.Ana Hauser DDS
29. Dr.Maristelle Rodrigues Illy BDS
30. Dr.Waleed Yaseen Suliman DDS
31. Dr.Rajbala Arvind Jaju BDS
32. Dr.Abdul Majid Solanki BDS,MSc  

33. Dr.Deyse Tavares De Carvalho  DDS

34. Dr.Hussain Abdul Karim Abdul Redha Ali BDS

35. Dr.Imad Zaki Farahat BDS

36. Dr.Khadishat Vaha Sadulaeva BDS
37. Dr.M.Mousal Al-Silwadi DDS

38. Dr.Batool Karbakhsh-Ravari DDS

39. Dr.Wael Al Tabaa,DDS

40. Dr.Ahmad Haddady Hashtjin DDS

41. Dr.Noora Fouad Gaber A. Khadier DDS

42. Dr.Zahra Majeed Asghar Husain BDS

43. Dr.Bizhan Sedghi,DDS

44. Dr.Shibu George Thomas,BDS

45. Dr.Khalid Mourshed Al Nassar,DDS

46. Dr.Setarah Azharian,DDS

47. Dr.Andlib Tarique,BDS

48. Dr.Ramy Ali Koussah,DDS

49. Dr.Homa Shahakbari,DDS

50. Dr.Fadi Iyad Al Shafie,BDS

51. Dr.Majed Hatem Mtashar,Ph.D.,Orthodontist

52. Dr.Basman Abdulmataleeb Khaleel,BDS,MSc,Periodontist

53. Dr.Mohammad El Hommossany,BDS,HDD,Endodontist

54. Dr.Kamran Khorrami,MDS,Oral &Maxillofacial surgeon

55. Dr.Mohammad Atef Mustafa Ahmed,BDS,MFDS

56. Dr.Ayah Husni Ali Al-Sayyed,BDS

57. Dr.Ameen Mustafa Saleem al-Yousef,BDS

58. Dr.Riyad Osman Eltahir Babiker,BDS

59. Dr.Furat Naser,BDS,M.Sc Ortho.

60. Dr.Malek Fansa,DDS

61. Dr.Shah Salman Khan,BDS

62. Dr.Laith Salim Mohammed,BDS

63. Dr.Laith Makki Hummadi,BDS

64. Dr.Gul Afshan Khan,BDS

65. Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim Omara,DMD

66. Dr.Muhannad Wardeh,DDS

67. Dr.Anup Varghese,BDS,M.Sc Ortho.

68. Dr.Ghada Yehia Jabr,BDS

69. Dr.Rachid Khalil El Kassem,BDS

70. Dr.Eldo Elias,BDS,MDS

71. Dr.Tamer Mostafa Eldusuky Elayek,BDS

72. Dr.George Jacob,BDS,MDS

73. Dr.Madiha Rashid,BDS

74. Dr.Wardah Hayat,BDS

75. Dr.Fatma Taspinar,DDs,PhD

76. Dr.Sameen Rehman,DDS

77. Dr.Munzer Ramahi,BDS,MSc

78. Dr.Behnaz Ebrahimian,BDS

79. Dr.Rami M.F Abuaradeh,BDS

80. Dr.Seyed M. Saleh Mansouri,DDS

81. Dr.Fereshteh Torabi,DDS

82. Dr.Masomeh Agah,DDS

83. Dr.Rashmi N.S.,BDS

84. Dr.Muhammed Fisal Musalian,BDS,MDS

85. Dr.Nermin Kamal Mahmoud,BDS,MSc

86. Dr.Mohamed Hassan AlKady,BDS,MSc

87. Dr.Luma Musa AlKarbasi,BDS, Msc

88. Dr.Madhu Mathews,BDS, MDS

89. Dr.Rehab Osman, BDS

90. Dr.Ismayil Yaradanguliyev,BDS

91. Dr.Shiamaa Shihab,BDS,MSc

92. Dr.Alieksashina Maria,BDS

93. Dr.Jeevan Prakash Shetty, BDS, MDS

94. Dr.Muslim M.R. AL Dabbaagh,BDS, MSc

95. Dr.Antony Mathew, Maxillofacial Surgeon

96. Dr.Sajith Mathew, BDS

97. Dr.Binoy Paul, BDS, Endodontist

98. Dr.Afazal Ahmed Sharafuddin, BDS, MDS

99. Dr.Abbas Azharian, BDS, DDS

100. Dr.Maya K. Poovelil, BDS, MDS, Periodontics


102. Dr. Milgan Alex,BDS,MDS
103. Dr. Marwa Alfize,DDS
104. Dr. Hiba Alnasar,BDS.MS
105. Dr. Susan George,BDS,MDS
106. Dr. Shiney Joy,BDS
107. Dr. Abdul Nasir  Maqbool Ahmed,BDS
108. Dr. Abdul Wahab  Abdul Majeed,BDS 
109. Dr. Leen Bachar Bonni,BDS
110. Dr. Shoukath Ali C.T,BDS   
111. Dr. Yaser Nasif,BDS       
112. Dr. Mahbohebeh Dolatshahi,DDS
113. Dr. Alfiya Chattaria,MDS
114. Dr. Najwana Attisha,BDS
115. Dr. Karthi Kumar Murari,MDS
116. Dr. Aiz George Lammam,DDS
117. Dr. Reema Sadiq,DDS,MSc
118. Dr. Arjumand Kabli,BDS
119. Dr. M. Tariq Khatib,BDS
120. Dr. Uldrich Kingo wandel,DDS
121. Dr. Sujit Shetty Seetharam,BDS,MDS
122. Dr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan,BDS,MDS
123. Dr. Raouf Mohsen El Sissi, BDS                
124. Dr. Osama Abid Al-Hashimi,BDS
125. Dr. Riyadh Thanmir Arif,BDS
126. Dr. Samer Moeen Ismail,BDS
127. Dr. Rami Salaheddine Sami,DDS
128. Dr. Sarah Masood,BDS
129. Dr. Shafqat Mahmood Khan,BDS
130 .Dr. Naseem Mohammed Qaisi,BDS
131. Dr. Mahmoud Al Jammal,BDS
132. Dr. Mehanas Kasthuri Kattil, BDS
133. Dr. Roshni Bhaskaran Bhaskaran, BDS, MDS
134. Dr. Amir Mossa Ibrahim, BDS, MDSc
135. Dr. Rasha Khaled Shehadah,BDS
136. Dr. Krishnakumar.S Pillai, BDS, MDS
137. Dr. Vinod G Krishnan, BDS, MDS
138. Dr. Firas Abdul-Monem Bayassi, DDS
139. Dr. Muhammad Imran UL-Haq, BDS
140. Dr. Tareq Mahmoud Abdulqader, BDS
141. Dr. Safia Sayed Almoosawi, DDS
142. Dr. Humeira Akhtar Parvaiz, BDS
143. Dr. Asma Aslam Kamran, BDS
144. Dr. Sonia Sunny.K, BDS
145. Dr. Razan Hamad Obaid, BDS
146. Dr. Monir Abdulhadi Alshakaki, BDS
147. Dr. Adil Nadim Faridi, BDS
148. Dr. Khalid A.Jafari, BDS, MSc
149. Dr. Mamoun Suliman Mohamed, BDS
150. Dr. Chinchu Bibu, BDS
151. Dr. Sidra Kabir Omair, BDS, MDS
152. Dr. Hiyam Farid Ayesh, BDS, PhD
153. Dr. Nidal Ahmad Shawar, BDS, PhD
154. Dr Firas Nadhim Al Badran, DDS
155. Dr. Mohammed Ishrat Lukman, BDS
156. Dr. Sunera A.Jabbar Pochi, BDS
157. Dr. Shahina Alauddin, BDS
158. Dr. Khalid Abdellatif Alnimr, DDS
159. Dr. Pedram Gholami, DDS
160. Dr. Tania Mumtaz, BDS
161. Dr. Mohamad Azimuddin, BDS
162. Dr. Niveditha Varmudy, BDS,MDS
163. Dr. Telma Rani George, BDS,MDS
164. Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Jamal Assied, DDS
165. Dr. Sa'adiyah A.A. El-Fayomi, BDS
166. Dr. Auday Adnan Al Ali, BDS, MSc
167. Dr. Biju Justus, BDS
168. DR. Tania Karim Firoozi, DDS
169. Dr. Manju John, BDS
170. Dr. Shallen Verma, BDS, MDS
171. Dr. Mazin Jalal Hamdi, BDS, MSc
172. Dr. Sally Osama Ahmed, BDS
173. Dr. Pooja Agarwal, BDS, MDS
174. Dr. Deepa Seghal, BDS
175. Dr. Shams Tabrez Ahamed Siddiqui, BDS, MDS
176. Dr. Forough Nikjou, DDS
177. Dr. Reem Adel Abdelhadi, DDS
179. Dr. Mohammed Mezban Khudher, BDS
180. Dr. Sidra Hameed Khan, BDS
181. Dr. Rachid Khalil El-Kassem, BDS
182. Dr. Jeevan Prakash Shetty, BDS, MDS
183. Dr. Doaa Bedewy, DDS
184. Dr. Sahar Rouzbeh Hajibabaei, DDS



Dr. Kenneth Judy- DDS, FACD, FICD
Co-Chairman, ICOI
International Congress of Oral Implantologists
248 Lorraine Avenue, Upper Montclair
New Jersey 07043-1454 USA



Dr. Saul Wiener- DDS

UMDNJ. NJ-Dental School,

Dept. Prosthodontics and Biomaterials

110Bergen St. Network, New Jersey 07103 USA

President / ID-SC 
Souheil Hussaini- BDS, MS
President, Chairman of scientific committee - Continuing Dental Education:
Implant Dentistry - Study Consortium (ID-SC), Sponsored by NYU & ICOI, USA
Study Club of Oral Implantology (SCOI), United Arab Emirates Medical Association, UAE
Director: Oral Implantology Medical Center, 
204 Al Wahda Building, Port Saeed Rd, Deira,
P O Box 39695 Dubai, UAE
E-mail: souheilh@eim.ae /info@ID-SC.com /Website: www.ID-SC.com
Phone: 00971-4-2956595/Fax: 00971-4-2958757/Mobile: 00971-50-4568100 

Co-Chairman, ID-SC

Dr. Mark Lin, B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Sc. F.R.C.D.

Assistant Professor, Prosthodontics Dept.

University Of Toronto,
88 Finch Ave. E.
North York, Ontario


Auxiliary Board Member-ID-SC

Sally Suheil Issa, BDS

14 Bardmoor Crescent,
Sydney, Novascotia, B1S 3J6


Phone:+1 902-565-4328

Implant Coordinator-Continuing Medical Education-ID-SC

Elham Yaghoobi, DDS
204 Al Wahda Building, Port Saeed Rd, Deira,
P O Box 39695 Dubai, UAE



phone:+971554568100/Fax: +97142958757


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