Doctors Corner
2012-04-29 15:43:26

The latter half of the 20th century saw dramatic changes in implant dentistry. A modern era a dental implant application was ushered in by the advent and promulgation of the Osseointegration concept with success predictability for endosseous implants in human patients. Manufactured from biocornpatible titanium and titanium alloy, root-form designs appeared in screw and cylindrical types. Improved diagnostic radiographic techniques and atraumatic surgical placement procedures for 2- and 1- stage system were emphasized and, when adhered to, led to impressive success rates. Initially proposed for the treatment a edentulous patients, the osseointegration concept was soon extrapolated for application in partially edentulous situation and the replacement a single teeth. And now, prosthetics drives most of our final cases, and this addition rounds out a most exciting meeting for every clinician, educator, and researcher who attends.

Currently, several ongoing and exciting new initiatives continue to increase our large participating doctors' base. As the Research Institute grows in size, its influence on the national dental implant community (and the patients we treat) amplifies. The Board a directors thanks all the people who shared in the process of developing and contributing to the Institutes past, present and future systemic growth.

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