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Who We Are

The Implant Dentistry- Study Consortium (IDSC) was founded on December 8, 2000, in Dubai UAE. Dr. Souheil Hussaini, a USA-trained prosthodontist had recognized the need for a comprehensive program to train local dentists intensively in Implant Dentistry. A group of local prominent dentists and health officials launched the program in his private office in the Bani-Yas tower in Dubai, UAE. The first group completed the program in December, 2004. The UAE Ministry of Health has now approved an acceleration of the program such that it will be completed in one year’s time. A second group has been enrolled and completed in December, 2005. Followed by a third group that completed in April 2006 and a fourth group that will complete in December 2007 consecutively followed by another group every year after.

Our Growth

Implant dentistry is now recognized as an important modality in oral health care. Nevertheless, the majority of dentists have received little or no training in this discipline. The dental schools have been leisurely to incorporate training in implant dentistry in their curricula. Because implant dentistry is a multidisciplinary treatment, some practitioners find it difficult to master the techniques without formal training. Unfortunately, there are very few intensive clinical training programs available and that is certainly true in the Middle East countries. The IDSC has been developed to fulfill a specific need. That is to provide current practitioners in the Middle East, without implantology training, an opportunity to develop the knowledge base and skills necessary for the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants.

OIRI Mission

The educational materials we produce for the young-minded dentist in the area of dental implant language, at whatever level of proficiency, strive to create within them the moral structures that will underlie their decisions and guide their action as they mature into more experienced dentists and active health care providers of society.

It is anticipated that the IDSC will produce a cadre of trained dentists to further raise the clinical standards for oral care in the UAE and surrounding countries. Furthermore, both the IDSC organization and its graduates can also have a beneficial effect on the dental schools in the region by providing a source of trained faculty for didactic and clinical instruction.

The 2nd batch graduation ceremony for completing module 3 of the IDSC program in 2003 accredited from New Jersey Dental School.

With the patronage of late Sh. Dalmuk Bin Jumma Al Maktoom one of the graduates from Qatar receiving her certificate.


Dental Implantology and Oral care services is a continually advancing discipline in Dentistry. And its use and application have grown rapidly in the UAE and Middle East region.

ID-SC organization and all its branches comprise of 2 clinical facilities namely, OIMC (Oral Implantology Medical Centre) and MDC (Marina Dental Centre) that are attached to an institute namely, OIRI (Oral Implantology Research Institute) where these 3 facilities combined are referred to as OIMC group.

OIMC group is the only DHA approved and ADA approved dental clinic that has license for clinical live patient training in UAE that can provide regular updating training programs available in the Middle East countries that community physician’s dentists who wish to pursue their post-graduate carrier in this field and provide services to their patients have to use our facility. This advantage can be carried out to any Hospital affiliated to us.

Business information: OIMC group is a national healthcare facility in the United Arab Emirates providing an array of dental treatments and services to patients from around the country. Namely, comprises of the Oral Implantology Medical Center, Marina Dental Center and Oral Implantology Research Institute. With eight dental units in three centers located in Dubai, the Clinics and the research facility are the first implantology specialized medical center in the Emirates, established in October 2002. Our team has published many articles treating complex treatments and procedures like Multiple Myeloma .how to save a failing implant , solution to root resorption and how to manage a case with Deep submandibular fossa.

OIMC group is the only DHA approved dental clinic that have license for clinical live patient training that can provide hands-on training programs in the region and accredit the participating doctors with Fellowship and Diplomat certification with recognition by the Ministry of health, Dubai Health Authority, accreditation and recognition by Health Authority of Abu-Dhabi, followed by commercial license from Knowledge village and permission from Knowledge and human development Authority with clinical training success rate of above 96% .

The team continues to grow professionally and we have an Adjunct collaboration with world-renowned institutions like University of Toronto8, Rutgers dental school in New Jersey and International Congress of Oral Implantologists – ICOI , as the International credential committee for UAE and its affiliate society.

Treatment Graphical Demostration

Specialties rendering Treatment: Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery Pediatric Dentistry and Special Needs care mobile facility.

State-of-the-art facility renders the following treatment options:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • Accelerated Osseointegration with low-level laser therapy
  • Emergency treatment,
  • Root canal treatment with CBCT and Microscope,
  • Crowns and veneers (Hollywood smile),
  • Cosmetic filling,
  • LASER Teeth whitening,
  • Gum treatment and oral hygiene,
  • TMD therapy,
  • Wisdom Impaction,
  • Dental implants,
  • All on 4,
  • Orthodontic treatment,
  • Removable dentures,
  • Digital impressions,
  • Sleep apnea and snoring treatment.
  • Microscope,
  • Digital impression,
  • Piezo Motor and Tips for bone harvesting and scaling,
  • Osstell for implant stability testing,
  • Intraoral welder for full mouth Immediate loading,
  • BonMaker to extract the tooth and immediately convert it to bone particulate material for harvesting bony defects,
  • Universal osteotomy stopper kit,
  • Universal Implant carrier to place an implant system in the world,
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) centrifuge,
  • Bone Splitter Kit for very thin jaws,
  • Sinus Lift Instrument,
  • Bone spreader kit for bone expansion,
  • Bone Block Carrier for big defects grafting,
  • Trephine Drills to harvest Autogenic donor site,
  • Bone chisels and Mallet,
  • Titanium Mesh and fixing screws, etc…

Implication of Health Insurance Law for the country:

The OIMCgroup has acquired most of the insurances that provide dental coverage. And since the Health Insurance Law is being implemented by DHA in UAE for Dubai Nationals and Residents; and the plan dictates a universal coverage, OIMCgroup caters to all patients with insurance. Dubai Government has provided coverage for the Nationals.

OIMC Group History:

The Implant Dentistry- Study Consortium (IDSC) was founded on December 8, 2000 in Dubai UAE. USA-trained prosthodontist had recognized the need for a comprehensive program to train local dentists intensively in Implant Dentistry. A group of local prominent dentists and health officials launched the program in a private office in the Bani-Yas tower in Dubai, UAE. The first group completed the program in December, 2004. The UAE Ministry of Health then approved an acceleration of the 4 year program to be completed in one year. A second group was enrolled and completed in consecutive year 2005 up until present participating doctors are undergoing training, annually, followed by another group every year.

Site visit and international quality control:

OIMCgroup receives continuing International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) verification and approval program for Dental Implant Education and Clinical training Programs as a very few centers around the world biannually, from Toronto University every year and Dubai Health authority on a random basis more than once a year. The ICOI has been in existence for over 50 years and is an internationally recognized implantology organization spanning over 100 countries with 16,000 member dentists. ICOI site inspectors are all respected University Professors or educators with international reputations and research experience. Many have over 3 decades of implant experience. Dr. Kenneth Judy, Co-Chairman of ICOI is a Clinical Professor at New York University and Temple University, Philadelphia.

Associations & Affiliations:

Founder-Director Oral Implantology Research Institute in Dubai since 2004. President, Chairman – Scientific CommitteeSCOI (Study Club of Oral Implantology) Emirates Medical Association, UAE. President, Chairman Scientific Committee- IDSC (Implant Dentistry Study Consortium) continuing education course co-sponsored by University of Toronto College of Dentistry and ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantologists. International Editorial Board/Journal of dental Herald. Member: Academy of Osseointegration; American Heart Association; Emirates Medical Association; Thalasemia Association; American college of Prosthodontist; ICOI.

USA, India, Russia, Ireland, UAE, in all fields of dentistry.

Special Need Dentistry

Our commitment to the community includes providing dental health care to special needs patients who may find it difficult to receive appropriate dental care in private clinics. Our graduate students and interns receive adequate hands-on supervised experience and training in the delivery of safe, efficient and effective dental treatment to special need patients. Our goal is to graduate participating doctors who are capable and prepared to provide dental care for this segment of the community, thus increasing the number of dentists who can provide quality oral health care for special need patients.

School Oral Health Program:

With the 4 Mobile Dental units available, for the last 15 years, OIMCgroup provided comprehensive oral health services for approximately 1500 children. The School Oral Health Program includes classroom education, dental screenings and preventive dental education in the country.

Our Dentists: We cater all dental specialties.

Our Staff: 22+ including full-time janitor, trilingual receptionists, IT technician, a private contractor, accountant, nurses, and doctors.

Policies: Weekly quality control internal meeting with all staff to discuss all patients visited the clinic during the week.

Opening Hours: Our structure accommodates the government employees and the private sector population by working 2 shifts 12-hour service per day all week with Friday as an exception a half day.

A press conference in Dubai announced our inauguration: Fri 15-11-2002.

Oral implantology clinic opens in Dubai, Dubai. The first specialized oral implantology clinic in the Gulf opened in Dubai last month… specializes in bone, gum and teeth implants… sterile operating theatre… dedicated scrub nurse. So far, in the Gulf, dental clinics have many specialties and add implantology to their practice… you cannot really document each case and take accurate statistics,” Khaleej Times. WAM/S.

Multiple articles were published socially and scientifically in the local and international journals.

University adoption training programs have been held in different Universities around the world, India, China, Irbil, Sudan, UAE and Bangladesh.

OIMC group systematic organic growth philosophy

1-Proposition: We have a complete circle of multispecialty dental treatments so that the incoming patient do not have to get referred elsewhere during a multiple procedures or full mouth multi specialty required care and cater to one stop philosophy centers that people need and our product is answering a need of 98% patient population except Cancer and severely medically compromised population.

2-The patients and the Market: In a study done by Dubai Health Authority Dental & Polyclinics Outpatient Clinical Services Infrastructure 141 Dental Clinics and 379 Polyclinics were surveyed for number of clinical services and specialties. Aprox. 500 thousand patients visited these clinics per year, 1083 patients were seen by each doctor. In their report they published that Orthodontists population were 38 which was the most widely offered service at Dental Clinics, followed by Endodontists 15, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons 21, Pedodontists 28 were children visits were at over 700 patient visits per clinic, periodontists 13 and prosthodontists 17 with Esthetic Dentistry rated the least reported service. OIMCgroup has all above specialities and more than 5000 patients’ visits per year which means we treat 5% of the total patients. Since market growth is 7.4% per year we infer that if we maintain 5% share our income will increase by 7.4%. With 2 advantages that our patient’s records are over 15 years old and we cater the Insured and none insured patients.

3-The competition: We are up against lower quality highly advertised high priced or very low priced facilities. We learned from both of them that when complication occurs the patients eventually find us. Our way of competing is through increasing our exposure.

4-The Industry: The trend that impacts the industry is being active in social media and interactive web site and this is how we predict future trends are going on.

5-The channel: different routes to find more patients and participating doctors is the word of mouth and intensive campaigns. We connect our company to the customers through improving our website and maintaining our quality control with the services delivered.

6-The relationship: Our financial relationship with the customer is fee for service and with the collaborators fixed price. Our institute is a non profit organization where all its income is reinvested in the training expenses.

7-The pricing model: During the last 17 years we concluded that there is a Positive correlation relationship between two variables treatment value and patients care. This positive correlation exists when one variable decreases as the other variable decreases too. And hence, we charge our patients for only 30% of our clinic fee and using higher quality products.

8-The key partner: The goal of seeking a partner is to help us to deliver our product and service better. And hence the participating doctors have been the major key partners in our facility.

9-The asset: Our key asset is our high standard of care provided by our facility. We strive to be recognized internationally as a contemporary, progressive, innovative and vibrant center for dental education and patients’ service. Our mission is to achieve distinction in dental education, research and oral health care to the benefit of our local community. This mission is delivered physically by recruiting highly qualified dentists, intellectually by informed consent, humanly by quality control and financially by keeping our profit margin fare within 20-30%.

10-The key competency: We are excellent in the activities we perform in order to prosper and in up-to-date with the skills and we bring these experiences to our team of 22+ staffs with 7 doctors with all specialties who are ready to serve the needs of our patients with the best possible treatment.